Edward Mairis

Landscape Designer



Edward Mairis has worked in landscape design for over 20 years, during which time he has developed an ever-greater sense of how gardens are places of poetic beauty, where people connect emotionally with nature and with themselves in an intimate and sometimes intangible way. This is what he calls “Poetic Gardens”. 


BBC’s coverage of Edward's poetic garden specially designed for Limbcare; the charity that supports amputees

"It has also been important to involve amputees in the creation of the garden. This is another example of the way Ray inspires and motivates other amputees and I'm delighted about the number of people Limbcare has helped, who have signed up to help us build the garden."

BBC Presenter Juliet Sargent found this corner of the Limbcare Garden and chose it to be her favorite place in the entire flower show.


Whether creating masterplans, surveying or design detailing, Edward draws on his breadth of experience to bring his poetic gardening style to any commission

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