My Experience

I have a breadth of experience working for over 20 years in London/Oxford city gardens, Spanish resort villas and Caribbean hotels resorts. The gardens I have designed and installed have ranged from residential urban temperate gardens, Mediterranean holiday villa gardens to luxury tropical villa estates and resorts.


My Design Philosophy

During my landscaping career, I have always looked for the connection between the client, the space being landscaped and my own view on garden design, which is about creating spaces we feel better in, that add meaning to our lives.

Over the years my focus has turned to the outside space as a form of poetry and poetry as a form of art that connects humans to nature and their deeper self. I launched this idea at Hampton Court in 2017.

Inspired by the romanticism of the prairie garden style and the purity of minimalism, I aim to draw the attention to poetic gardens, not as a category based on aesthetics, but one which is based on how the garden connects with the heart. The heart being a sense organ which a well-designed garden can stimulate and communicate with.


My Award